Doctors removed 187 coins from a man's stomach after he arrived at a hospital complaining about "bloating" and "stomach pain".

The perplexing discovery was made when the man, from Lingsugur, India, was brought to a hospital by his family as he was experiencing pain and vomiting.

But after examining the man, medics at Hangal Sri Kumareshwar Hospital were stunned to discover that he had swallowed over 1.5kg of coins.

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The patient, who had been suffering from a psychiatric problem, had swallowed the jaw-dropping amount of coins over a two to three-month period.

Dr Eshwar Kalaburgi explained how doctors made the shocking discovery, telling the Mirror: "He was suffering from a psychiatric problem. He had been swallowing these coins for the last two to three months.

"He came to the hospital complaining of vomiting and abdominal discomfort.

"Based on his symptoms, we did an X-ray and endoscopy and found coins in the stomach. So, we decided to operate upon him,

“The stomach was dilated enormously. Lots of coins were stuck in different places of the stomach."

The man was taken into surgery where all the coins were successfully removed.

In pictures from the bizarre incident, the huge amount of coins removed from the man can be seen scattered across a table while an X-ray image shows them sitting neatly in his stomach.

Dr Kalaburgi confirmed that he is now on the road to recovery, adding: "After two hours of surgery, we retrieved all the coins.

"Following the operation, he was treated for water deficiency and other minor issues. The patient is stable and is talking as of now."

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