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An urban explorer entered a spine-tingling abandoned property that has been dubbed the 'house of backbones'.

The anonymous German explorers – known as Urbexer-Geocaching – entered the house to find a room filled with dogs spines dangling from the ceiling.

The walls around the property were covered in graffiti, with some rooms completely trashed.

But the pair of explorers needed answers for the mysterious spine decor and continued to search the house for evidence, fearing the worst.

And as it turns out, they were right to worry as they found hoards of dog show awards among other letters belonging to the former resident that proved many Great Danes once lived there.

The explorer told his followers on Facebook: "The owner had a lot of Dan [Great Dane] dogs.

"We found [a] few letters about high bills that the owner didn’t pay. When I tried to search about the owner, we didn’t find anything.

"Maybe the bills are too high and he can’t afford anything. We guess he left all and run away."

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It's not confirmed that finances are why the owner fled or whether he had anything to do with the fate of the animals.

However, people in the Abandoned Beauties Facebook group warned the explorers to 'call a priest' if they don't belong to the dogs.

One user said: "Get them bones checked, if they are human then call a priest."

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Another added: "So these are dog spines? This looks very disturbing."

"The bones hanging up is very strange," a third wrote.

Others seemed to be more concerned about where in the property the spines were kept as they speculated that it could have been a 'meat hanger' in a barn.

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One user said: "It appears to be a locker space where they hung meat to age. It may have been in a basement where it stayed cool."

Another replied: " This is clearly a house and neither one are basements since they both have windows."

But the 'locker space' theorist argued: "Lots of basements have windows. You can tell by looking at the ceiling that it is very heavy beams which suggest that it’s supporting substantial weight.

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"Depending on what the structure is (be it a storage barn or part of the home) it appears to be beneath something which would help keep it cool if it’s recessed into the ground beneath."

A third said: "The meat hanger area appears to be a barn or outbuilding, not a house.

Last year, Adam Mark Explores discovered the mummified remains of a cat in the kitchen of a creepy house hidden in the Scottish Highlands that has been abandoned since the 1970s.

The empty family home was described as being "frozen in time" by Adam Mark Explores in a YouTube video where he took his 55k subscribers on a tour of the decaying building.

The video which got over 21k views showed the decaying house scattered with antique dolls, old books, and newspapers dated between the 1950s and 1970s.

Adam named the cat mittens and his followers shared in his sorrow for the animal.

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