Drug dealer embarrassed after accidently texting client about chlamydia concerns

A drug dealer embarrassed themselves after revealing to one of their clients that they might have chlamydia.

A screenshot of the hilarious text exchange was shared on the @shottatexts Twitter (now X) account, where followers anonymously submit funny conversations with dealers. The caption read: "Bro wrong number."

The first message appeared to be a text the dealer sent to all his clients, informing them he now had a "new number" that was active "24/7" for anybody wanting to purchase "flake ket bud pol pills magic".

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The second, however, was much more unexpected and seems to have been meant for a sexual partner.

They wrote: "I feel like I've got clamidia again if u slept with someone behind me bak tell me coz I'll find out tmoz I love ye I'm just paranoid. [sic]"

Seemingly taken aback by the revelation, the client replied simply: "Bro wrong number."

The dealer then came up with a genius plan to save face, instead claiming the original message was one they had received from a female. It still remained highly suspicious given that the dealer did not manage to explain how a message from someone else had been sent from their phone to the client.

They wrote: "Didnt mean tha la tha wa some bird sent to me. [sic]" The dealer sent this message twice just to really hammer home how it definitely wasn't them who had contracted chlamydia.

To make this clear once more they added: "Nt me wit the clap hahaha."

Despite the insistence, X users seemed to all be in agreement that it was the dealer who had chlamydia.

One reply read: "Course it's not you." Another said: "Had a nightmare him." A third said: "Hahahahahahah messy."

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