Navy Seal and CIA man saw UFO on camera over Arizona and left ‘believing in God’

A former US Navy Seal and CIA contractor has revealed he spotted a UFO hovering above the Arizona desert not once but twice.

Shawn Ryan, host of a popular podcast that regularly interviews UFO whistleblowers from within the US military establishment, says his own experience left him “believing in God”.

As Shawn was on an early-morning hike near Sedona, Arizona, he decided to stop and use his iPhone to capture a time-lapse video of the sun rising. But he captured a little more than that.

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Shawn, who has 14 years of military service, said: “Right before the sunrise you can see exactly where it's going to come up.

“I got up there at night: stars are everywhere I watched all the stars disappear, I watched the moon disappear, I watched the sun getting ready to come up…

“And I'm looking out over the horizon right where the sun's about ready to peek… and I see this UAP…

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“I was like ‘Oh that’s probably just a plane, you know, flying straight at me’…”

But there was no hint of a vapour trail coming from the high-altitude object, and despite moving around to try to get a different angle, Shawn could only see it as a stationary bright dot in the sky.

Shawn was disappointed but decided to carry on with his original plan to record the sunrise.

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Which, it turned out, was a good decision. He said: “Just as the sun's about ready to come up, it came back.

“Not moving not anything like extravagant… it just looked like a little dot”.

He added: “I don’t know what that was. Or what it represented. If I was supposed to get any meaning out of it but all I know is I saw a UAP”.

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