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A couple have been left stunned by a religious image that appeared to be stalking the pair, who realised the Virgin Mary had shown up in a photograph of the couple.

The pair had been on a romantic walk and took a photo of the night sky when they realised that the Virgin Mary had materialised in their photo.

When the couple had taken a photo of the moon as they strolled along the banks of the Parana River in Bella Vista, Argentina, they were shocked to discover a religious apparition.

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Sighting the Virgin Mary in their snap of the moon shocked Magali Ibanez and partner Guillermo Alcorta.

Ibanez, who was responsible for taking the photo, and partner Alcorta, were amazed by the apparition.

Speaking to local media at the time, Alcorta said: "It is the silhouette of Our Lady of Itati (whose principal shrine is in the city of Itati in Corrientes Province), it is as clear as day.

"The photo was taken by my girlfriend Magali Ibanez at 12.30am on 7th July."

A shocked Alcorta continued: "Our intention was to take a photo of the moon, but we noticed a shape that appeared to the side of it and we recognised it as the Virgin of Itati."

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The image appears to show the Virgin Mary in a blue headdress and clothing, with the mother of Jesus Christ spotted along the Parana River.

The feast day of the Virgin Mary was celebrated just two days after the photo was taken, with anniversary celebrations in full swing, which may make the potential sighting of the Virgin Mary in the photo more than a coincidence.


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