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Saucer spotters are in a spin over fears six-inch aliens could be planning to target Earth.

The British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) has been sent a report of a pocket-sized alien. And there are claims the mini “Martian” could be a scout for an invasion force.

A BUFORA revealed on its website: “We recently received an interesting email at our enquiries desk from someone telling us they had (seen) a tiny humanoid-shaped figure.” The witness – a woman – said it had an oversized head but stood little more than six-inches high.

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UFO spotter Chris Bonham, 57, of St Albans, Herts, reckoned: “It sounds like they’ve sent a scout down to check on us, so the next step, presumably, is a full scale invasion.”

BUFORA tried to get more details but the witness declined, fearing “alien retribution” but an insider said: “We have absolutely no reason to suspect the witness is not being completely honest in describing what she saw.”

BUFORA says 259 aliens and UFOs have been reported in the UK over the past year, including little green men, spaceships, and abductions.

But a spokesman warned: “Up to 98% of all UFO sightings can be shown to have a perfectly conventional explanation.”

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