Flexible woman, 52, spills chilling reason she can hide inside tiny cabinet

A middle-aged woman showed off her incredible flexibility as she hid herself inside a tiny breadbox.

Kimberly, 52, went viral on TikTok in a series of videos which saw her hopping on the table top in her kitchen for the bizarre stunt.

While many asked why she was hiding in a small cabinet, she replied: "TikTok made me to do it!"

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One video, which has been seen more than 14 million times, she said: "I'm over 50 and I fit in my breadbox, what what?"

When people asked her what happened that she found herself climbing in there, some joked she was "either really good at hide and seek or just really weird".

She "reversed" herself and stuck her legs in the kitchen corner, saying: "Took me a long time to tell my story but I go in the breadbox because it saved my life."

Some viewers thought she was just "flexing" but others wondered if the small cabinet led to a secret room behind.

But Kimberly explained in the follow-up videos that she used the breadbox as her hiding place when someone broke into her house.

She detailed: "I was alone, late at night, getting ready to go to bed…when I hear a loud bang and glass breaking.

"Crawling over I see at least four shadows sliding into my home.

"They knew me…they were chanting my name over and over, like a creepy game and I had nowhere to run, I was cornered in the kitchen.

"I had no choice but to try to get into the breadbox and hide.

"As I was getting in I see my phone, and grabbed for it, I heard them getting closer and panicked, it slipped out of my hand.

"I'm trapped, spending hours in my breadbox."

She said she spent a night inside and the next day when she came out, she realised nothing was stolen.

She reported to the police, but they never caught anyone, adding: "This was a life-changing experience."


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