Germany torn apart by Zelensky as Russian ties scupper West’s response: ‘We warned you’

Zelensky urges West to do more on sanctions and military aid

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The Ukrainian President met German MPs via videolink from Kyiv to discuss how the Bundestag could assist Ukraine during Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion.

But Mr Zelensky appeared to take a dig at Germany for its reliance on Russian fossil fuels, which he claims has hindered an effective German response.

This is despite years of warnings from allies who warned the country of the dangers of cosying up with Putin.


It comes after Germany refused to support the EU’s masterplan to completely scupper energy ties with Russia, noting that it is still too reliant on Putin’s gas to part ways. 

But Mr Zelensky said that Germany’s focus on “business, business, business” has hampered any chance of a strong response.

He appealed to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: “Dear Mr Scholz, tear down this wall.

“Give Germany the leadership role that you in Germany deserve.”

He added that Germany would be “ashamed” if it did not ramp up its efforts to help Ukraine.

Mr Zelensky also stressed that Ukraine had warned Germany about the dangers of striking a deal for Nord Stream 2, a planned £8billion pipeline that would have sent Russian gas to Germany. 

He said: “We turned to you.

“We told you that Nord Stream (gas pipelines) was a kind of preparation for the war

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