Giant wooly King Charles tribute is 7ft monster knitters worked on for 4 months

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  • A 29-strong team of royally good knitters put their needles together to create one of the most unique Coronation tributes the UK has ever seen – a seven-foot monarch made completely of wool.

    More than 75 balls of wool were used over four painstaking months to complete the eccentric statue of King Charles, which now proudly sits on display on a village green in Cheshire.

    The dazzling display also features a wheelbarrow full of pond life, spouting wellies and a regal watering can but, for now at least, there is no sign of a giant Queen Camilla.

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    And, amazingly, the Holmes Chapel Community Yarn Bombers who brought Wooly Charlie to life weren't even aware what it was they were working on until very recently.

    We assume the giant crown might have been a bit of a giveaway though…

    Anita Armitt, the group's founder, revealed the King Charles design was kept secret from the knitters until the statue was finally unveiled to the general public on St George's Day last Sunday.

    "Nobody knew what we were doing. They like that we keep it as an element of surprise.

    “We’d say: ‘Do you want to knit a square or an insect or animal’ and then I’d privately message them giving them the pattern to go off and do it.

    “We like to do things differently, and I don’t think there’s anybody else who has done a 7ft king.”

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    The tribute is the latest in a long line of rather bizarre homages to our new King in recent days.

    Earlier this week, a massive chocolate bust of King Charles III delighted royal fans.

    Commemorating the soon-to-be-Coronated monarch with 17 litres of melted Celebrations chocolate, the bust sparked a wild variety of Twitter replies, with some saying this is exactly the project they would ask for if King.

    But others suggested the bust was a grotesque parody of The Head from Art Attack, or even the notoriously bad bust of Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled a few years ago.

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