Two-bed house packed full of rubbish on the market for £91,000

Bit of a fixer-upper! Dilapidated two-bed house packed full of rubbish with overgrown bushes in the front garden goes on the market for £91,000 – with a listing saying it is ‘in need of refurbishment’

  • The dilapidated house in Great Wyrley, Staffordshire is being sold at auction
  • Houses in the village near Stafford sell for average prices of £250,000 

A dilapidated house, with piles of rubbish and overgrown bushes in the garden is on sale for £91,000.

The two bedroom home, in the Staffordshire village of Great Wyrley, is selling at almost a third of the average house price in the area, which is £250,000.

Photos of the end-of-terrace property show dingy interiors, adorned with falling down ceilings, tattered old furniture, and wallpaper peeling off the walls. 

A listing by property auction house Bond Wolfe describes the property as ‘having partial double glazing’ but notes that ‘is in need of refurbishment throughout.’

Pictures show the house surrounded by out-of-control bramble bushes which almost entirely conceal the property from public view. 

The kitchen has pots still on the hob and rubble from a collapsed ceiling on the floor

The two bedroom house in Staffordshire is set to be auctioned for £91,000

The former owners possessions are pictured lying on the bed of the first bedroom

The end-of-terrace house is described as having a ‘large foregarden’ 

An old fridge is surrounded by tatty furniture as torn net curtains hang from the window

The listing says the property stands ‘back from the road behind a large foregarden, with the benefit of a dropped curb’.

The for sale property’s front room is shown with a window frame that has fallen out the window and a run down bicycle inside. 

In the kitchen, old pots and pans are shown sitting on the hob, while the ceiling appears to have collapsed onto the floor.

Pictures of the first bedroom show a bed covered in the previous residents’ belongings, including a pile of letters and a Pictionary set.

A painting hangs on a red wall, while a pair of tattered curtains, and a t-shirt hanging from the curtain pole, give a dingy effect. 

The average house in the Staffordshire village of Great Wyrely sells for around £250,000 

The second bedroom is pictured with bare floorboards and a dreamcatcher above the bed

Black grime covers the white surfaces of the bathroom as the toilet sits without a seat

A mattress is propped up against the wall in one room that has a pile of clothes in the corner

The ‘large garden’ is littered with piles of rubbish including old cardboard boxes and bin bags

Inside the living room, two abandoned sofas sit alongside an array of coffee tables, various pieces of crockery on the surfaces, and a chesterfield chair. 

In the bathroom, white surfaces are covered in black grime, while the toilet sits in the corner, without a seat, and what appears to be something unspeakable inside the toilet. 

Photos of the second bedroom show bare floorboards with a dreamcatcher above the bed, which is also covered in the previous tenant’s possessions.

A lightbulb, without a lampshade, hangs from the ceiling, as an old chair faces the wooden bed. 

Another room is pictured with a pile of clothes in the corner, two cupboards, and a mattress propped up against the wall.  

The house is being auctioned by Bond Wolfe on 18 May and advertised by Rightmove.

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