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A little girl picked out a doll she claims is "haunted" while on a shopping trip with her mum in an eerie TikTok.

In the video, captured by the aunt, little Ava is asked to show viewers her doll – but suddenly says the porcelain Victorian-style doll is haunted.

Her aunt, who was left terrified saying "Oh Lord, why would you just say that Ava?" shared the video on TikTok, receiving over 1.7 million likes.

The child then turns to her mum and begs her mum to let her take 'Susie' home as she said she "wants a haunted doll in the house."

Over 13,000 people responded to the video, which was captioned saying the family "cleansed the doll before she took her home."

One viewer said: "No cus when she said I want a haunted doll at your house, I just know that doll told her to take it home with them."

Another said: "I'm pretty sure this is how horror movies start."

A third added: "I would have left her and the doll at the store."

A fourth quipped: "I'll come back for the Netflix documentary."

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However, some seemed more concerned about how 'unbothered' the mum was that her daughter wanted to take a possessed toy home.

One user wrote: "Mom seems like she's been going through it."

Another commented: "Lol I love the unbothered 'sure.'"

The news comes after Britain's most haunted doll has been sending people off their rockers with fright.

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Spooky Mary was given to a ghost hunter by a woman who said the toy was too creepy for her kids.

It is claimed the doll rocks in her chair and moves herself – and when her previous owner tried to give her away, her car mysteriously broke down.

Ghost hunter Craig Lonson, said: “A lady gave us this doll, who was given to her by an elderly lady for her children. She didn’t feel comfortable with it. It’s been in our possession for about a year now. She’s rocked on a chair, she’s thrown herself out of the chair, she’s even moved her eyes from the right to the centre.”

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