A massive 94st (1,322lb) polar bear was sedated and operated on by an expert Brit dentist who possibly saved its life.

Dr Peter Kertesz, from Doncaster, performed surgery on Sisu the polar bear for an hour and saved him from a severe infection.

As well as filling a tooth root, Dr Kertesz created a brand new canine for the three-year-old beast that lives in Yorkshire Wildlife Park, reports Yorkshire Live.

He said: "Sisu will now have a perfectly functioning tooth for the rest of his life."

Staff feared that the broken tooth could become infected, leading to an abscess if it was not removed.

A three-person dental team, including Dr Kertesz, dental nurse Monika Mazurkiewicz and a vet specialised in the use of anaesthetics, operated on Sisu on Friday.

Dr Kertesz added: "It was wonderful that the keepers have been so observant and attentive to the animals and noticed this.

"I was glad we operated swiftly because a broken tooth can lead to severe infection and be very painful.

"It was a standard procedure, where we cleaned out the infected root canal of the canine tooth, which was over three inches long, and filled it.

"We kept it an appropriate length. After the operation Sisu was standing very quickly, but he was kept in his den to recover fully."

Earlier this month British vets performed another miracle animal surgery.

Vets in Scotland managed to remove a massive tumour from behind the eye of 12-year-old Dotty the goldfish.

Caroline McHugh, a 35-year-old veterinary nurse, became concerned when her beloved pet developed a red growth on her left eye.

Caroline took Dotty to the veterinary surgery where she works, where it was decided that the fish needed surgery.

Anaesthetic powder was added to her tank to knock her out and the vets got to work.

After an hour of incredibly intricate surgery the tumour was removed and Dotty was saved.

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