A pilot was baffled when he spotted a fleet of UFOs flying in formation at 39,000 ft before vanishing in the sky.

The aviation expert witnessed the bizarre sighting when he was flying over the contested South China Sea in the air space between Taiwan and Hong Kong on November 24.

Footage taken inside the cockpit shows nine spotlights beaming in the clouds with the sunset in the background.

The lights, which can be seen moving in three rows, soon transforms and becomes 12 lights as it travels in a forward direction.

"I do not know what that is. That is some weird s***. That is something flying," the captain can be heard talking to his co-pilot.

The mysterious object has lights disappearing at the bottom and reappearing at the top and the strange formation lasts slightly over a minute before it disappears in the cloud.

Scott C Waring, who is known for making outlandish claims, shared the video onto his YouTube channel and called the sighting a "demonstration of power by aliens".

"It is clearly a sign meant for the military powers of the world patrolling those seas to view," he added.

"These UFOs are watching to see what China and other military ships do."

Viewers were stunned by the footage and said it's a "proof that aliens made contact".

One wrote: "I noticed that each row has three bright spots and then one spot disappear and another one appear, and so on. This means in each row there's at least four UFOs."

A second commented: "I think the last craft in each roll jumps to the front, giving the impression of being four of them. Most likely probes."

Some suggested it could the latest Starlink satellites, with a viewer saying: "Check the 48 Starlink launch recently, there is a large vessel at deployment."

Another asked: "Could it be three ultra-stealth (invisible) helicopters dropping flares?"

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