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    A stunned woman’s eerie Google Earth discovery has left people convinced there is finally proof of alien life after she spotted an unidentifiable strange figure lurking in the backseat of a passing car.

    Crystal Patterson made the creepy discovery while using the popular photo-mapping site to locate a local garage sale.

    The 45-year-old had been searching for directions but couldn’t help notice an odd-looking character in a random vehicle’s back window.

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    Gobsmacked Crystal asked: "Can someone please tell me what I’m looking at in the backseat?

    "The driver looked naked, so I zoomed in because I’m nosy, and thought the distortion of the figure in the back. My first thought was it was an alien.

    “The only reason I found this is because I was scoping out the location of a garage sale, which was located at the property in the background."

    It sparked debate online among locals in the town of Mapleton, in Maine, US, with Colette Berlin asking: "How on earth did you spot that?" and Shay Nelle adding: "Clearly an alien."

    But not everyone was convinced and another resident joked the mysterious being was actually "Mr Potatohead".

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    Google Earth is used across the world for its 3D representations based on satellite pictures and on-the-ground shots – but as well as mapping significant landmarks, it is known to pick up snaps of rumoured extra-terrestrial life.

    Earlier this year, one site user claimed to have found compelling evidence of a UFO buried in the desert in Algeria.

    He claimed the mystery star-shaped land formation showed "an ancient spaceship that has landed and been buried over the millennia".

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