A Google Maps user spotted a rude message etched into the grass.

The image, which shows the word "bitch" spelled out in capital letters and pointing towards a house, was uploaded to Reddit with the tagline: "I don't think the neighbours get along very well."

The amusing scene, which unfolded in the state of Utah in the US, led to some amusing comments online.

Fans of Google Maps are often coming across weird and wonderful sites on the popular app.

Recently, one spotted the eerie image of a plane shell left untouched for 51 years after the jet crashed on a remote island.

The picture of the crashed planed, uploaded to Reddit, was discovered on Big Diomede, a remote island between Alaska and Russia.

After a bit of investigation, one internet user suggested that the plane was the remains of a Lisunov Li-2 belonging to Soviet Border Troops that crashed on June 13, 1970.

There is no air strip on the island but some flights were carried out in order to transport supplies.

The crew members were injured and the green hull of the plane remains visible to this day.

Meanwhile, another user spotted a "giant pyramid" being built in China, sparking a Google Maps frenzy.

An image of the pyramid-shaped construction project was uploaded to Reddit, leading to a slew of comments from internet users trying to work out what the building is.

The original poster put the picture online with the heading: "Why has no one talked about the giant pyramid China is building (or completed depending on photo date)?"

One suggested the pyramid could be a "modern mausoleum" while another said it could be a "shopping mall or tourist attraction".

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