Google Maps users baffled by two men’s ‘alternative shower’ together

Google Maps users were perplexed after noticing two men having an "alternative shower" together.

In the bizarre scene, the site's Street View app captured two men standing on stepladders, with one seemingly pouring a bottle of water over the head of his fully clothed counterpart.

One is wearing beige trousers and a blue T-shirt, but the attire of the second man is dressed in an exceptionally odd manner.

He appears to be almost entirely wrapped in bandages – or possibly toilet toll.

The interesting situation gave up more questions than answers as people on Reddit discussed the image, which was captioned 'alternative shower' on the site.

It was taken outside a house in Maryland, USA.

One user asks: "Why are they both on ladders?" Another suggests it is to "get closer to the camera".

Another Reddit user said: "Why did they wrap Uncle Larry in toilet paper? And what's with the water, are they trying to papier-mâché him?"

Another responder was more interested in Google blurring part of the stepladders, something which normally happens to preserve privacy.

They wrote: "Thank you Google for blurring out the area under the ladders! That was pretty obscene stuff!"

Google Maps users are often coming across strange images on the site.

Recently one discovered a bizarre shot of a lorry balancing on its cab, leaving people guessing about how it ended up in that state.

And others were baffled when they came across a giant inflatable baby in someone's front lawn in Riemst, Belgium.

After a bit of investigating it appeared it is a local custom to let neighbour's know there is a new arrival on the way.

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