Mum baffled over unusual gift given to her by a friend

Do YOU know what this gadget is? Mum is left baffled after receiving an unusual gift from a friend – before its true purpose is revealed

  •  A mum has been left baffled by a gift from a friend that she’d never seen before
  •  The woman took to Facebook to find out what the unusual device was 
  •  She learned it was a valet stand or a gentleman’s rack made for a suit to hang 

An Australian mum has been left baffled over what to do with a large, wrought iron gift given to her by a friend.

The woman posted a photo of the item on Facebook, hoping for someone to shed light on the mystery and was flooded with suggestions including that it was designed to hold firewood. 

However, these explanations were shut down after it was correctly identified as a ‘gentleman’s valet’ – a clothing stand designed for suit pants and jackets. 

The stand was correctly identified as a ‘gentleman’s valet’ – a clothing stand designed for suit pants and jackets

The pants are draped over the left-hand side, the suit jacket is hung on the right and cufflinks, wallets and belts are kept in the tray. 

There is even an ornamental point on the jacket side of the rack for a hat, explained one man.

‘Trousers on the left, jacket on the right. The pointy bit won’t be in the way, just try it,’ one wrote.

The suggestion that it could be used to store firewood was common, with one commenter saying he would re-purpose it.

‘I don’t know what it is but right away I thought that would be handy by the fire,’ a woman agreed. 

Others suggested it could be used as a laundry basket holder or a soap and towel holder in the bathroom.  

What is a gentleman’s valet? 

A gentleman’s valet or clothes valet is a rack for a suit jacket, and other items like a watch, rings and cufflinks, to rest at the end of an evening. 

Typical features of valets include trouser hangers, jacket hangers, shoe bars, and a tray organiser.

They are usually made from wood or metal, like the one pictured, if they are vintage however newer styles can be plastic too. 

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