A man has been spotted on Google Maps flaunting his private parts in a shocking unblurred photo.

The image, shared on the r/GoogleMaps Reddit forum on Tuesday, shows a man cheekily waving at the camera from a bedroom, holding a mug with his other hand.

Neither of his hands cover his penis.

The snap is available to see on Google Maps' Street View feature – typically used to show users stunning panoramic shots of scenery from across the globe – in the north of Beijing, China.

Most of the Street View images are provided by Google themselves. However, users can submit their own snaps which are then filtered before being uploaded.

It would appear as if this bloke managed to sneak one past the filtering system, given that nudity isn't allowed on Google Maps.

Responding to the stark discovery, one Reddit user commented: "That's absurd dude."

Another penned: "Man's got to have a hobby."

Surprisingly, the man donning his birthday suit is just one of several strange sights discovered on Google Maps as of late.

Recently, another Reddit user found a man dressed as a crusading knight taking his two dogs for a walk.

The long-haired man on Warren Road in Cleveland, Ohio, US, has a rope tied around his waist with a yellow cross on the right side of his chest.

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His arms appear to be silver, which could be chainmail, as he holds on to two leashes for his dogs to wander around the grass.

There has also been a 'possible UFO' spotted on Google Maps' satellite view, hovering over rocks in Antarctica.

The image shows a white cylindrical object on a brown background which appears to be rocks located at 74.0322S, 22.4506W, along the edge of snowy land.

The mysterious south pole site, seemingly formed of several large ridges in the snow, appears to have been there for many decades, with vehicles and a number of tracks in the snow leading towards it also visible.

Scott C Waring from Taiwan, who uploaded footage of his surprise discovery to the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel, said he believed the sighting was proof of a deep underground ancient alien structure that has since been studied and hidden from the public.

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