A Brit has been left baffled after a bloke has admitted that he has never heard of the UK or England.

Having decided to travel the world, the Brit found himself in New Zealand working on a cherry orchard.

Getting to know his colleagues, the Brit sparked conversation with a guy who turned out to be from Vanuatu – a chain of islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

But the adventurer was about to realise their nationality was not the only difference between the pair.

The man from Vanuatu had absolutely no idea what the UK or England was – despite speaking English.

Thinking at first the man from the small island was “pulling his leg”, the Brit was astonished to realise that the Vanuatuan was actually speaking the truth.

So he took to Reddit to share his shocking discovery.

He said: “So, I've been travelling for some time but I'm English, I was working in a cherry orchard in New Zealand and I was talking to this guy, he's from Vanuatu, really nice guy actually, and the conversation basically goes as follows.”

The travelling Englishman then relayed the mind boggling chat between the pair in script form like it was something out of a comedy.

“Him: Hello. My name is…”

“Me: Nice to meet you…My name is…”

“Him: Where are you from?”

“Me: England”

“Him: Is that… In New Zealand?”

“Me: No… It's England?”

The Vanuatuan then began to look increasingly confused.

“Me: you know the UK? United Kingdom?”

Thinking he had got somewhere with the man, he only continued to get more confused by thinking the UK is the US!

And, the plot continued to thicken.

The South Pacific islander then thought the United Kingdom was in New Zealand, well, the flag is in the corner of New Zealand’s after all.

The Brit continued to attempt to educate the Vanuatuan.

“Me: You know Europe, right?”

“Him: Yes…”

“Me: Do you know France?”

“Him: Yes!”

“Me: I live in an island nation next to France…”

Thinking that the pair had finally made some progress, the man then let out a “confused smile".

The Redditor added: “We then talked for about ten minutes about work, New Zealand and other things then he invited me back to Vanuatu to stay with his family.

“I just am shocked by this. In all my life I didn't think I'd ever meet a person speaking English not knowing the country it comes from, and I cannot believe I had to use France as a reference point.

“Still I laughed for the whole day and thought maybe some strangers on the internet might get a crack out it.”

Well he was not wrong, Reddit users have been left just as baffled at the man not knowing what the UK is and so took to the comments to share their confusion.

One person pointed out: “Well you know the New Zealand flag… In the corner…”

Another user questioned: “The Beatles?! Or London, surely haha.”

A third person chuckled: “Such blissful ignorance – he's no doubt a happier man than I could ever be.”

Someone else related: “When I was in Thailand or Bali or somewhere like that I’d tell people I’m from Britain or the UK and they didn’t know what it was until I said England. Might be the same sort of thing.”

As a fifth person noted: “Well, Vanuatu is one of the smallest lost remote places on the planet so I’m not really surprised.”

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