A squirrel that ended up trapped inside of a Greggs bakery has been handed an employee badge after shutting the store for days.

The popular bakery chain took to Twitter and announced their new employee, who had managed to get inside of the store and caused humorous havoc for locals.

Greggs' chain store in Pitlochry was invaded by the sole red squirrel, who spent days of its life swanning about the high street pastry store, spotted a number of times wandering around inside.

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Days of effort and friendly locals attempting to free the "Greggs Squirrel" were documented in a Twitter thread from the bakery chain.

A sense of irony was not lost on the fact that Greggs' Marketing Director, Hannah Squirrell, appeared to have her surname namesake inside the store.

John Beattie, posting to Twitter, wrote: "Love the way that there is a red squirrel loose in @GregsOfficial in Pitlochry and the marketing person for Greggs is @hannahsquirrell."

One user inevitably replied with the pun: "It's nuts."

But nuts it was, and for many residents in Pitlochry, seeing the red squirrel run around and cause minor moments of havoc was a delight, and it was all documented in a Twitter thread from Greggs two days later.

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The pastry providers began their tweet chain with a picture of the invading squirrel, teasing a new profile picture with the caption "IYKYK" (If you know, you know).

Greggs continued: "Some of you may have noticed we had a wee new starter in Pitlochry Greggs this week.

"Friendly locals offered their help to lure the Greggs Squirrel out."

Those friendly locals appeared to be Pitlochry High School, who messaged Greggs and said: "Our school mascot is a squirrel, we're just up the road, and we have a squirrel costume… I'm sure we can lure the squirrel out with a friendly dance."

But a friendly squirrel dance from a man dressed in a squirrel costume wasn't going to cut it, with Greggs conceding defeat and adding: "If you were having a tasty sleepover in Greggs, would you leave? No, of course not."

The red squirrel had set up shop in Greggs and by that point it was spending so much time there, the company decided to give it a job.

Posting a photo of a Greggs employee tag marked "Squirrel", the company said: "It's only right we made the Greggs Squirrel part of the family."

Whether the squirrel is entitled to bonuses after breaking into the store and keeping it closed for a number of days is unknown.

What is known though is that Greggs eventually caught and released the squirrel, with the company adding: "After giving us the run around, we managed to catch the Greggs Squirrel safe and sound. Thanks for the, er, enthusiastic first shift."

The store is set to undergo a "deep clean" and is set to reopen later this week, "squirrel free (we hope)."

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