Holidaymakers terrified after three-metre snake spotted in hotel swimming pool

Holidaymakers have sworn off visiting Thailand after a traveller found a giant snake in their hotel's swimming pool.

British social media star Elisabeth Elektra took to TikTok to share a video of the enormous beast as it swam around the pool, which was lit up by colour-changing lights.

The one-minute video showed the caption: "I'm on holiday in Thailand and there's a 12 foot (3.6m) snake in the swimming pool."

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The clip then showed a member staff at the resort eyeing up the critter and seeming to wave over colleagues for backup.

Another employee could then be seen attempting to fish out the creature with a tiny net, but initially it was undeterred and continued with its evening dip.

It seems staff were eventually successful, however, as the video continued: "The hotel staff moved it to safety, one of them stroked its head as they moved it to reassure it."

The video, which had racked up more than 30k likes and nearly 700 comments at the time of writing, has seen other travellers scratch Thailand off their list of dream destinations.

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"My list of countries to visit keeps getting shorter," one viewer wrote.

Another chimed in: "Yep, looks like I'm not going to Thailand," while a third added: "OFFICIALLY DELETED FROM MY HOLIDAY LIST."

Others were a bit more forgiving of the reptile, with one writing: "The snake is also on a vacation," followed by two laughing emojis.

"Special show from hotel, hope you enjoy," joked another.

Another poked fun at the hotel staff’s efforts to get rid of the snake, asking, "What on earth is that little net meant to do."

Large, deadly snakes are not uncommon in Thailand, which counts the reticulated python among its impressive roster of wild animals.

The enormous snake, which can measure more than six metres in length, is able to swim and can sometimes live in the ocean.

The world's longest venomous snake, the King Cobra, is also native to Thailand, as are a number of species of sea snake – although these don't usually attack humans, reports

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