Homeowner found deadly ‘alien-like’ wasp nest size of ‘70 inch TV’ in bathroom

A homeowner had the fright of their lives when they were confronted with a monstrous wasp nest growing inside their bathroom in Australia.

The property had been uninhabited during the coronavirus pandemic, leaving the flying creepy crawlies to grow the structure uninterrupted.

When the Melbourne resident returned and spotted the nest growing out of their walls, he called in pest control experts to handle the deadly creatures.

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DAP Pest Control manager Dale Armel described the find as an ‘alien-like’ structure.

Speaking on a Today Show segment yesterday (February 2), Dale explained how he and his team of trained experts extracted the mammoth nest from the property.

Footage of the nest has since gone viral online, while TV host Karl Stefanovic described it as ‘something out of stranger things’.

Responding to the host, Dale said: “It was terrifying and massive. It was incredible”.

The colossal nest had grown to a massive 1.5m – which is usually basketball-sized – suggesting it could have been built as early as September 2021.

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Thousands of wasps infested the massive nest, creating a dangerous environment for the pest controllers, as reported by News.com.au.

“They can be aggressive. I had to approach it over two days,” Mr Armel said.

He said European wasps usually built their nests underground; however, this nest appeared to be made by eating wall plaster and combining it with wood fibre and saliva.

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The pest control expert said it was the largest European wasps’ nest he had seen in his career.

“I reckon this is a record. It was as big as a 70-inch television,” he said.

“I will have nightmares about this, it’s like an alien spaceship,” Stefanovic said.

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