South Florida man bit off python’s head in domestic fight, police say

A South Florida man biting the head off of a woman’s pet snake spiraled into a domestic fight — and police forcefully entering their apartment.

Kevin Justin Mayorga is facing charges of animal cruelty with intent to kill, resisting an officer with violence and false imprisonment. The 32-year-old remains in jail on a $15,000 bond, jail records show.

Around 4:40 p.m. on Monday, Miami-Dade police responded to a domestic dispute at Saga Bay, an apartment complex in Cutler Bay.

The officers could hear fighting between Mayorga and a woman inside of the apartment, according to police. No one came to the door when officers knocked and called out to them.

Soon after, police say they could hear screaming from the woman inside and what sounded like her yelling: "Just kick the door in."

Forcing their way in, officers saw the woman about two feet from them and Mayorga running to the front door to close it, "preventing [officers] from entering to assist any potential victims and holding victim against her will," according to authorities.

Mayorga was tased, to no avail, and officers had to remove him from the apartment. In that process, he hit one of the officers in the eye as they tried to detain him.

After the scuffle and Mayorga was in cuffs, the officers noticed a ball python with no head right next to the front door in the home. That’s when police say the woman told officers Mayorga bit her pet snake’s head off.

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