Hunters who come face-to-face with the legendary Bigfoot “never go into the woods again,” according to one Sasquatch expert.

In response to a question on Reddit, asking why no-one has ever shot a Bigfoot, several people replied that hunters frequently spot the forest-dwelling creature, but only very briefly and from a long distance away.

They theorise that the animal – assuming it exists of course – is afraid of humans and uses its exceptional senses of smell and hearing to detect them from a long way off.

One Redditor explained that the testimony of highly experienced trappers and hunters has convinced them that Bigfoot is real.

“Their lifelong experience means everything,” they said.

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In addition, the Redditor continued, there have been countless cases of hunters wounding an animal, only to follow its blood trail to find that the body has been mysteriously stolen. Trappers have found their traps spring as if by some intelligent creature.

There’s competition,” they said, “and it’s always been that way. The senses of a Bigfoot are more keen than man. They won’t be hunted like any other living thing”.

“Read the reports by hunters on [Bigfoot sightings website] BFRO and you’ll see. A number of them never hunt again”.

Another Bigfoot researcher echoed their words, saying that some have fired at Bigfoot, although many more have felt unable to pull the trigger because the animal looked so human.

“Many, many hunters won't go back into the woods ever again after seeing one,” they added.

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Another commented: “Scientists who study primates like orang-utans also rarely see them in the wild. They’re very adept at hiding.”

One claimed that hunters have shot Bigfoot, more than once , but that other Sasquatches come to claim the body because Bigfoot, like humans and some other animals such as elephants, have funerals for their dead: “there have been a few reports of hunters claiming to have shot Bigfoot but were not able to recover the body because the body was, obviously, too heavy to carry out by oneself and/or out of fear of other Bigfoots being nearby and possibly taking revenge,” they wrote

“When a few did come back to retrieve the body, it was gone, presumably taken and buried by the other Bigfoot”.

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If Bigfoot is real, it’s managed to conceal its existence for an amazingly long time.

As early as 1884, the British Colonist newspaper in Victoria, Canada published an account of a “gorilla type” creature captured in the area.

Sasquatch researcher John Green compiled a list of over a thousand sightings through the 19th and 20th centuries alone, and there have been more than 10,000 eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot on the US mainland over the past 50 years.

In most cases, no hard evidence has been found. The few Bigfoot skin and hair samples that turned up over the years have mostly been traced to everyday animals such as bears and raccoons.

But fascinatingly, two “Bigfoot” hair samples were found in lab tests to be almost identical to that of an extinct polar bear from the Paleolithic era. Perhaps the truth really is still out there.

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