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Cardi B is striving to instill the value of a serious work ethic in her kids.

The 29-year-old rapper opens up in the July/August issue of Vogue Singapore about her hands-on approach to parenting son Wave Set, 10 months, and daughter Kulture Kiari, 4, revealing that she tries to ensure they stay humble despite their parents’ means.

“They need to know to never feel comfortable. Don’t ever feel like, ‘I’m going to get it because I’m Cardi and Offset’s kid,’ ” said Cardi. “They are never going to know what struggle feels like, so they might not have that hunger I had to leave the streets.”

“Even though my kids are well-off, I want them to know that when you work for things and achieve it, it’s more respected — especially when people see that you bust your ass for it,” the “WAP” hitmaker added.

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Cardi went on to say in the piece that she sometimes wonders if she’s “doing too much” for her kids compared to how she grew up.

“I just want my daughter to be good,” the rapper shared. “I want her to have a little bit of something forever. I can’t swim, so I want my daughter to be able to swim.”

She added, “I want her to do amazing things when she grows up. She can jet-ski or go on a boat. I want her to be smarter than me — just be the better version of me.”

In her chat with the magazine, the mother of two maintained that she has never “never had a nanny for Kulture,” and therefore recognizes how much “raising a kid is work.”

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“I have so much hatred for deadbeat mothers and fathers,” she also said. “It’s like, yo, bringing a baby into this world isn’t just like, ‘I’ll figure it out.’ You have to be ready because you as a parent is all they got and all they want.”

Additionally, Cardi said she doesn’t leave her kids with her family members too often because she doesn’t want to take advantage.

“Your parents have already lived their life and raised their kids,” the “I Like It” artist noted. “They are older and don’t have the same energy as someone in their 20s.”

Explained Cardi, “I’m never far from my kids because that’s my responsibility as a mother.”

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