A woman issued a warning to dog lovers after her "Shih Tzu puppy" grew to a 65lbs dog.

Maggie learned her mistake and said she "definitely won't recommend people to get a dog in college".

Sharing her dog scam story, she recalle getting her "purebred Shih Tzu" pet off Craigslist.

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"I couldn't find an earlier photo of her but she was much smaller than this – about half the size in this picture and very dark and fluffy, so it was pretty believable," the owner explained.

"But then she started getting bigger and outgrowing all the things I bought for her."

As a small dog breed, Shih Tzus usually grows to about 11ins in height and Maggie's dog is way bigger than that.

"Everytime I asked the breeder about it she would respond and the percentage of Shih Tzu she was kept getting lower and lower," she continued.

"First she says 'she's a purebred' then 'she's 50%', 'her grandpa was a Shih Tzu' until finally the breeder stops responding altogether.

"This is what she looks like when she is a few months old and she starts shedding."

After a genetic test, Maggie realised that her dog is nothing close to a Shih Tzu but is "mostly shepherd, chow chow, a little bit of Pitbull and supermutt".

Maggie pulled up a recent picture of her dog, which almost reaches to the height of her knees.

She added: "Now I have this 65lbs dog that's no Shih Tzu, sheds, drools a lot and is way bigger than I anticipated.

"She also has a snaggletooth but I've had this goob for six years now. Definitely not a Shih Tzu."

Viewers were surprised to see Maggie's dog and fell in love with the pooch, with one saying: "I call it a win because she is adorable!"

"Best Craigslist story, your fur baby is super cute!" another penned and a third added: "Thank you for keeping it even though it wasn't what you were expecting."


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