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A photographer admits he feared sharing jaw-dropping pictures he captures of a 14ft horse-headed lake monster.

Linden Adams was watching over an eerily misty Lake Windermere, Cumbria in 2007 when he and his wife at the time spotted a long silhouette swimming and diving along the water's surface.

Instincts took over for the professional snapper who immediately pulled out his camera to capture around 15 photos of what they could see bobbing along England's most famous body of water.

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Disappointed with his shots, Linden grabbed a pair of binoculars which zoomed into something so unnatural, the couple frantically searched for someone else to confirm they hadn't gone mad.

Speaking to Beastly Theories podcast host Andy Mcgrath, Linden said: "It was my wife at the time who pointed out, 'what's that in the lake?'

"Now where we were situated about 3kilometres to the north diagonally was this strange thing cutting across the middle of the lake and it's probably one of the widest sections of the lake itself."

What Linden saw has since become local legend in the Lake District with other purported sightings from locals leading to the mysterious creature being nicknamed Bownessie after the Bowness-on-Windermere.

He told Andy: "It possibly of resembled a horse type shape head, I've read a lot recently it's described as a labrador-type head. That's pretty much where we're going with this. It was quite boxy looking, wide, solid looking.

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"We watched this for about five minutes before we started panicking and looking around for people to see if they were there to verify What we were seeing.

"Luckily I had a pair of binoculars with me so we just watched this for quite some time on top of the surface and it was diving, coming back up, moving, diving again.

"This was a good towards maybe 10 minutes so we were really shocked. When you're looking through the binoculars and you're trying to ascertain what this is you're starting to tick off possibilities of what this could be.

"Living there for such a long time, I've lived there for 20 odd years you are aware that deer can swim through the lake from one side of the lake but that would just be a dot."

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Spotting what is could have been the elusive Bownessie was was thing, but deciding whether to tell anyone was another move entirely.

As someone involved in the media through work, Linden was cautious of becoming a national target for mockery and even more so sparking a wild hunting party for the beast at Lake Windemere.

He asked himself: "Do I need this in my life?"

"I sat on it for quite some time," Linden admitted before revealing who would have kept quiet if the lake had not been 'as calm as glass' that day.

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Linden first alerted the local MP to his sighting but begged the question "Is this going to damage Bowness?"

"The last thing I wanted to do was create sensation if people were to believe what I believed I had see, are we going to start a bonanza with fishing nets in the lake trying to catch this thing?"

Instead the reaction was a mix of banter and others coming to Linden with similar stories.

He added: "I got destroyed straight away, people stopping me, people phoning me. The number one question I get all the time is what do you think it is then?"

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Unlike many other sightings, Linden's picture quality meant a camera company could confirm the image had not been edited and environment experts chipped in to calculate how big the beast must have been.

Chatting to Andy McGrath, the pair discussed possible theories including the monster being a massive sea creature which navigated its way to the lake via a river or underground cavern.


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