A creepy church terrified ghost-hunters when they received demonic ouija board messages before fleeing the place of worship with scratches on their arms.

Todmorden Unitarian Church in West Yorkshire is a well-known hangout for phantom-like figures, and for experienced ghost hunter Rob Pyke and his team, all the terrifying rumours turned out to be true.

Pyke had visited the haunted church during the Easter weekend of 2019 with a dozen family members.

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"We weren't expecting a lot, to be brutally honest," Pyke admitted – and he was in for more than he bargained for.

Pyke and his team start ghost-hunting events with a protection, he explained, to ensure they don't bring any unwanted guests home.

However before they did this, three members of the group went into the cellar, calling on the ghosts to "come forward and do their worst".

When they emerged, all three had scratches on their arms, Pyke said.

"They weren't stood near any walls down there," he said.

"They were well away from anything that was down there. Nothing caught them, but the three of them came up with three physical red scratches on their arms."

But their foray into the otherworldly was just beginning.

After performing the protection, the group were exploring the church when they heard "three almighty bangs up at the top of the bell tower" – even though nobody, including the two volunteers who were working at the church, was up there.

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Despite the terrifying start, the group decided to continue with their original plan for the night – using a ouija board to contact spirits.

But as Pyke's wife began to move a large table to place the board on, she was overwhelmed by a horrifying stench of sulphur.

"[There were] these little clues throughout the night, these little things that happened," Pyke continued.

"Whether or not they were hints, I didn't get them."

Pyke and his crew extracted the ouija board, which he says they cleanse carefully before and after each use to ensure that no spirits are left over from other locations.

They were just about to get started on the board when Pyke noticed his beagle, Dory, with her paws up on the wall – something he thought was suspicious.

"If she doesn't have to expend energy she won't. If she can be asleep, she'll be asleep. But she was up at the wall, looking up. But there was nothing up there."

It was then that things took a turn for the worse.

"We managed to get the glass move in between a few of us," he said.

"We got information through, we got a date of birth, and so on.

"But we asked it again, and it came up with a different date of birth – that's when I thought we were being lied to.

"So I asked, 'are you playing games with us?' And [the planchette] went straight to 'Yes'.

"All of a sudden, the planchette started to go around in an anti-clockwise circle," Pyke recalled, which is believed to be the evil direction of rotation.

"I thought, okay, whoever you are, I want you to leave the board."

Pyke asked the spirit to leave several times, with the planchette moving to 'No' each time.

Eventually the poltergeist left, and Pyke and his posse decided to leave.

Finally safely back in their car and on the road, Pyke and his family chatted away about their horrifying experience – when a final spooky encounter occurred.

"We put on a U2 CD, we were giving family members a lift home.

"[The music] didn't stop. but it came over the speakers, as clear as day, and said 'shut up'.

"That's not one of the lyrics of the song," Pyke clarified.

Pyke has been back to the church twice. but nothing quite as scary has ever happened.

"99% of the time, nothing happens," Pyke admitted.

"This time I couldn't explain it away."


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