Russian state TV says that ‘there’s a place for Liz Truss in hell’

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The news comes as world leaders gather at the G7 summit in Germany, with Ukraine being a key topic of discussion between the attendees. Numerous attempts of diplomacy have been attempted by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, yet, on each occasion has failed.

The statement suggested the bond between London and Kyiv remains strong as efforts are made to find a solution to the crisis, with some reports alleging Ukraine may need to consider giving up land in return for a ceasefire.

Building on the relationship between the UK and Ukraine, the statement read: “The United Kingdom stands side-by-side with Ukraine on its path as a free European democracy.

“We strengthened this through our trilateral partnership with Poland. Now more than ever, we stand together.

“President Zelenskyy and Prime Minister Boris Johnson are united in defence of Europe’s security and freedom.

“The two of us have struck up a close friendship as Foreign Ministers, seeing eye-to-eye on Russia and many other issues.”


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