A man who was allegedly caught on camera using his stepdaughter-in-law's cat to masturbate reportedly told police it was "just a guy thing".

Harold Stanley Kenderdine, 66 and from Pennsylvania, US, has been charged with having sexual intercourse with an animal and cruelty to animals after admitting to the sick act.

According to NorthCentralPA.com, his wife Sonja told her son Nathan and daughter-in-law Alexandra that her husband (Nathan's step-father) had gone into their bedroom several times over the past month.

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The two couples were living together at the time, although Alexandra told police that she and Nathan did not get along with Kenderdine.

Sonja suggested that Nathan and Alexandra put a lock on the bedroom door, but Alexandra went one step further and installed a Blink indoor security camera on July 13, according to state trooper Joel Miles.

When she was out of the house the next day, Alexandra got notifications about activity in the bedroom at around 11.15am.

What the camera captured revolted her.

Kenderdine was allegedly seen walking over to where her cat Callie was sleeping, picking it up with one hand on his own crotch before gripping the cat by the sides and thrusting himself against it.

His penis could clearly be seen poking out of his zipper as he walked around the bed, according to Miles.

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He then allegedly continued to masturbate before leaving the room.

When confronted by police, Kenderdine reportedly told them that it was "just a guy thing".

He was apparently keen to remind Miles that he had not penetrated the cat, adding that the cat's hair "felt good".

Kenderdine reportedly said that he'd done it, in part, to annoy Alexandra and Nathan. He was also said to have admitted it was a mistake and that he now wished he hadn't done it.


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