A mum was left so "freaked out" she couldn't sleep after she caught sight of a "ghost fox" in a video captured with her Ring doorbell camera.

Trisha who lives in Netherton, Merseyside, was doing the routine morning check of her doorbell footage for any suspicious activity in the area following a number of break-ins.

But while she was looking through the notifications saw motion was detected at 3.47am and "thought it was weird" as nobody would be lurking in the area at that time.

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On further inspection, she was shocked to see what she describes as a "ghost fox" move across the lawn before disappearing suddenly.

Speaking to Liverpool Echo, Trisha said: "It took me some time to work out what it was, as I couldn't see it went invisible. What a surprise to see it was a ghost fox.

"I checked the Ring doorbell because it's an unusual time for a motion to happen and I couldn't see anything at first glance, and then I noticed the fox as he was disappearing and fading away."

The short clip of footage shows a clear shadow of a small animal walking through Trisha's front garden. The animal then disappears as it walks behind her Ford car.

Trisha said the footage "freaked her out" that much that she could not fall asleep afterwards and just stayed awake. She has not seen anything similar on her Ring doorbell since Thursday.

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Trisha added: "I first seen the footage when I woke up in the morning at 6am. It's quite common for us to see foxes in the area as we live by Bootle golf course.

"I thought maybe food might be scarce in the golf course for the foxes so they could be exploring other options for food like bins.

"But It freaked me out a little the way it just kind of disappeared. Before I went to work I checked the front garden for any evidence like fox droppings but there was none.

"I don't really know what to make of it. Maybe it's just a camera glitch or maybe it's the start of spooky season."


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