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    A two-year-old girl was moments away from eating a "worm", found in a Birds Eye fish finger, before her mum caught it just in time.

    Full-time mum Rona Lovell, 28 claims she brought the Birds Eye fish fingers at Asda in Skelton, North Yorkshire, and was about to serve it to her daughter Scarlett when she made the skin-crawling discovery.

    Pictures taken by Rona shows what seems to be a worm on the edge of the plate – with its size comparable to the width of a fork head.

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    She said: “I discovered the worm when I opened it up for my two-year-old daughter.

    “I cut it and opened it up, and saw the curled up green thing inside the fish sticking out. I pulled it using a fork.

    “I felt disgusted. I even lost my appetite. I was also shocked because I trusted Birds Eye.

    “We loved fish fingers from Birds Eye, but we won’t be buying this product anymore.”

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    A listing on the Asda website says the frozen fish fingers contain Alaska Pollock.

    A recent study from Brazil which examined frozen fillets of Alaska Pollock found that of the 108 samples from 30 different brands purchased in the São Paulo region, only 18 didn’t contain any parasites.

    Thankfully, the freezing process and properly cooking fish kills parasites, according to the Food Standards Agency.

    Mrs Lovell said she had reached out to Birds Eye and heard nothing back.

    She's now urging other parents to be vigilant with food: “All I can say is, even though you think a product is good, it’s better to double check everything.

    “They might have missed one parasite or worm, but finding it in your food is not very appealing to see – especially if you’re about to serve it to your kids.”

    The Daily Star has approached Birds Eye for comment.

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