A man says he was left devastated when his wife dumped him over the phone to immediately marry another man – after winning the lottery.

Narin, 47, is now taking his ex-wife of 20 years, Chaweewan, 43, to court in a bid to get half of her jackpot, worth around £300,000, after he was left blindsided by the move.

Narin told local media outlet Thaiger: "I was shocked and did not know what to do.

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"I am disappointed. I did not expect that my wife of 20 years would do this to me."

Chaweewan disputes her ex's version of events and while she admits the pair from Isan, Thailand, broke up via a phone call, she argues they called it quits several years ago.

Narin disagrees, however – the dad, who was working in South Korea at the time of the alleged break-up to pay off a family debt, said his former partner dumped him out of the blue on February 25 with no explanation and attempted to hide her lottery win from him before their daughters revealed the news.

He returned home on March 3 and planned to confront his ex, but found Chaweewan had not only moved on but had married someone else after bagging the £300,000 (12 million baht) jackpot days earlier.

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"I only had 60,000 baht left in my bank account because I gave money to her every month," Narin continued.

"I want to call out for justice and the money that I deserve."

Narin admitted that the pair had never officially tied the knot and he therefore doesn't have a marriage certificate to prove the pair had been together for two decades.

But his lawyer believes he is still entitled to half of his wife's winnings and says family members will be able to confirm their long-term relationship.

Chaweewan insists her neighbours will support her claim that she and Narin broke up several years ago and has filed a complaint for defamation against her ex.

She has also denied hiding her lottery win from him.

The case is also under investigation by police officers and related departments.

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