Vicious seagulls are going into overdrive – attacking more Brits than ever.

They dive-bomb terrified folk, grabbing everything from chips, and sausage rolls to chicken nuggets.

Around 700,000 gulls patrol our skies, with 500,000 living in cities.

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In 2020/21, a study found that one-in-five Brits had fallen victim to a seagull’s thieving ways.

That rocketed to four-in-10 in 2021/22.

In the past 12 months, however, we’ve seen yet another rise in the number of gull raids, with just under half of Brits saying they’d been a target in the past year.

A study found that 48% said a gull had tried to get at their grub, with 20% saying the bird had ‘been successful’ and had flown off with food.

The remaining 28% said they had managed to wrestle the food away from the hungry birds, according to the poll carried out by CarShades.

Asked to reveal the food the gulls were most likely to target, chips came top – followed by sausage rolls and crisps.

Other foods regularly targeted include ice creams, chicken nuggets, pizza slices, burgers and fried chicken.

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Joanna Hammond, 39, of Brighton, East Sussex, said her daughter Amber, nine, ended up dropped her bag of chips when three seagulls dive-bombed her.

She said: “Amber and I were sharing a bag of chips when all of a sudden three gulls just swooped on us.

“One grabbed the bag and shook it and the other two grabbed at the chips which fell on the ground… it felt like we’d been mugged.”

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Joanna added: “Amber is now very cautious when she’s eating outside – she loves birds, but gulls are a real menace sometimes.”

TV star Dan Walker revealed how a seagull pinched his battered sausage when he was strolling along Brighton Beach in 2019.

He added: “Often they approach from behind… they’re sneaky.”


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