Police were baffled after being called to reports of a naked woman with her legs strapped together trapped in a storm drain.

A man who was leaving the India's Grill restaurant on South Cleveland Avenue, in Fort Myers, Florida when he heard “a low-pitched voice calling for help” at about 2:30 on the afternoon of Friday, September 10.

Investigating, he spotted the nude woman apparently sitting at the bottom of the drain.

He called police and reported the incident. Firefighters were sent to rescue the woman, and removed a heavy metal grate covering the drain before lifting the woman out.

Her legs were fastened together with straps, according to a police report. She declined to explain to police how she had come to be tied up in a drain.

Detectives reviewed three days’ worth of footage from a nearby CCTV and no-one can be seen going near the drain for all that time.

Police said they had determined that the woman was a transient who had been staying at a nearby Travelodge motel.

After some inquiries, officers located a member of Travelodge staff who confirmed she had stayed at the hotel for several days last month.

Exactly how the woman ended up in the drain remains a complete mystery. Witness Bryant McCauley, noting that the metal grille covering the storm drain was extremely heavy, told reporters: “Either she was very, very strong, or someone opened it up for her with a crowbar.”

“Someone doesn’t just bound themselves and climb in there,” witness Tim Brown, who is also staying at the Travelodge motel, told reporters.

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He added that he had told his girlfriend about the bizarre incident, and she no longer feels safe walking through the “scary” area at night.

After being rescued the woman, still refusing to discuss how she had come to be in such a bizarre predicament, was taken to a local hospital,

Police have not released the woman’s name, but she is not thought to be Lyndsey Kennedy, who made headlines in March after being pulled naked from a storm drain in Fort Lauderdale, and again over in Texas three months later.

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