Only people with a high IQ can find all the squares in this image

Brain teasers are an exciting way to test your intelligence levels and mental sharpness. Experts believe that solving brain teasers is an exercise for your brain muscles and puts all your skills to the test.

One such mind-blowing puzzle shared by the website Bright Side will certainly leave your head scratching.

‌The pictures show a number of squares engulfed in each other with the readers left to find out the total number of squares in the image.

‌The squares are painted in five colours- pink, light green, dark green, light blue and dark blue.

‌What you all need to do is to count the number of squares.

It might look easy at first but don’t forget that there might be a square in another square.

‌It is believed that those with high IQ would be able to crack this riddle quickly.

‌Were you one of those?

‌Did you find the answer yet?

If not, we have shown the answer below in the image.

‌There are 11 squares in total, see below to see how.

‌The above brain teaser is a simple test of your intelligence and observation.

‌It requires lateral thinking to solve the puzzle within the stipulated time.

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While solving these brain riddles, you need to scan the problem and arrive at the answer by using logical and analytical skills.

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