An OnlyFans star provides a "sex cupid" service to her frustrated female friends, matching them with her previous male lovers based on their intimate desires.

Alice Irving, 24, has been working in the adult industry for several years and says she's had "many different encounters".

The Canadian-born model exclusively told the Daily Star: "Overtime I built up, if you want, a certain portfolio of different people that I think are really great for many different reasons.

"Everybody is different right? Everybody does it differently."

Alice explained that one day a close female friend came to her, sexually frustrated and complaining that she couldn't find a man to satisfy her.

She asked the friend to tell her in detail "exactly how you enjoy it", from what moves she enjoyed to the preferred height of a partner and even "the description of the person's, erm, size".

Alice said: "She gave me a really big list of everything she likes. Then I had someone I thought was for her and I matched them.

"I went to see him and I was like, 'Hey, would you be interested in meeting my friend? I think you'd be a great match'.

"He was like, 'Is this true?', he didn't believe it."

The pair then met up and were an "instant match", seeing each other several times since for what the friend described as "the best sex she ever had".

They've even been travelling and filmed adult content together.

Soon, news of Alice's matchmaking skills spread among their female friends.

"There's other girls and they keep reaching out," she explained.

"I'm starting to think I should charge for that but at the same time, no, I'm just very happy to make people connect and share happiness – it's very exciting.

"I feel like I was like a sex cupid, basically. I consider myself a sex cupid."

Although Alice didn't want to divulge the intricacies of her friends' sexual desires, she did reveal that the service is exclusively for women.

She explained: "When this started to become more famous I said, 'No, I'm not giving any names of girls to men, it's for women'.

"It's a lot harder for men to find a sexual partner than it is women, but I feel like it's just more safe.

"I want to protect women and make sure my female friends are satisfied."

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