OnlyFans star who went viral looking for personal assistant hits back at trolls

An OnlyFans creator on the hunt for a personal assistant has swung back at trolls claiming it’s a gimmick by sharing the perks of working for her.

Gracie Hartie posted about the opening on November 2, receiving her first applicant in just three minutes.

But many online felt the opening might not have been genuine – the offer of S$5,200 (£3,300) to S$5,800 (£3,600) per month and the need to travel with her seeming an unlikely and surreal opportunity.

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Gracie, however, has been unperturbed by the nay-sayers, doubling down with the offer by posting another video of what life could be like for whoever finally lands the unique role.

With the caption "What it's like to be my personal assistant/photographer in Japan," she posted a video showing the fun that could be had on the job.

In the background, a song played with lyrics that said: “So if I do not find somebody soon, I’ll blow myself to smithereens.”

On offer were fun experiences like being headbutted by an angry deer and making matcha.

Writing in the comments below, she explained that the man featured in the video on the wrong end of the deer’s head was a freelancer and that she still hadn’t filled the permanent position.

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The job asks that her assistant be “proficient in photography” and added that knowing videography would be a “plus”.

She claims to have had 2,000 applications for the job, saying on Instagram: "People from all walks of life applied. From retirees to data analysts. The funny thing is a few insurance agents reached out to me, asking if I need advice”.

Lots though felt that she was lying, with one internet user calling the job a “gimmick”.

They continued: “You all really believe she will hire a stranger to be her PA to go to Japan together with her… haha joke.”

She however swung back.

Gracie then posted a new TikTok of the comment along with her shaking her head. She then moved out of the way to reveal comments allegedly reaffirming her commitment to the plan.

In a message, she can be seen saying “If you want, I will just cover your accommodation."

While not entirely clear what this proves, it seems Gracie is committed at least to the process of hiring a PA through her repeated mentions of it online.

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