Perseid meteor shower will light up Britain’s skies from midnight

Britons are set for a remarkable light show tonight as a Perseid meteor shower takes place.

Active since last month, Saturday night sees the shower dramatically escalate, with around 100 shooting stars per hour.

Now, the Royal Observatory of Greenwich has shared when the best time to spot the shower is, with a late night ahead for stargazers.

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What time will the meteor shower be visible?

Between midnight and 5.30am GMT, the observatory says the meteor shower will be at its most visible.

However, as Perseid is always above the horizon from the UK, you should have been able to some meteors from sunset.

The shower is the debris left behind from the Comet Swift-Tuttle, coming around every 20 to 200 years.

It was last widely seen in 1992, rediscovered by Japanese astronomer Tsuruhiko Kiuchi and visible with binoculars. But the comet was actually last observed in April 1995.

Should you be lucky enough to see the year 2126, the comet will actually become a bright naked-eye comet.

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What is the Perseid meteor shower?

The phenomenon is spectacular as each meteor is actually about the size of a grain of sand.

However, hitting speeds of 130,000mph as they reach the Earth’s atmosphere, they begin to reach temperatures from 1,648C (2,998.4F) to 5,537C (9,998.6F).

Weather forecasts tonight say that southeastern, eastern and central England are set for clear skies, meaning they’ll have a clear view of the light show.

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But if you live elsewhere, don’t worry, as scientists believe the phenomena will last until August 24, so there will be other chances to see meteors.

The average speed for a Perseid meteor is around 36-miles-per-second, which will decorate the sky with fast, bright meteor trains.

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