Pervert on meth sex rampage bonked school sheep in front of traumatised goat

A court heard how a bloke on a five-day crystal meth rampage bonked a school's sheep while a traumatised goat watched on in horror.

Police spotted George Danakis, 44, violating a male sheep with his pants around his ankles inside a school's milking shed, court documents state.

After being caught in the compromising position at St Marys High School in Sydney, Australia, he told police he was in the shed looking for his phone. He claimed his pants were down as he was urinating.

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Teaching staff suspected someone had been breaking into the shed and spotted Danakis on CCTV. He was caught on May 18 last year.

Danakis pleaded guilty to damaging property, bestiality, possessing bestiality material, break and enter and possessing an unauthorised firearm.

The court was told he had been recorded herding two goats into a gated area on May 6. A week later, he was spotted on camera walking around the same shed naked from the waist down.

A phone belonging to Danakis was found on June 24, but rather than help his case it worsened his situation as police found content pertaining to bestiality alongside a photo of him holding a pump action shotgun, which he did not have permits for.

His lawyer claimed Danakis' use of methamphetamine leading up to his arrest, combined with his affinity for enjoying "sheep on the side", led to "the state of the mind in which he did what he did".

Danakis initially told his psychiatrist he found animals attractive only when he was under the influence of meth because the drug dramatically increased his sex drive, his lawyer said.

However, he eventually admitted to his doctor he was "pretty much into bestiality" after seeing it online.

Danakis had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and in the weeks before he was caught he had stopped taking his medication, the court was told.

But prosecution and defence agreed this was not a "causal" factor for his sick actions. Key factors were his "paraphilic disorder" of attraction toward animals and his substance abuse.

Danakis was sentenced to three years and six months in prison.

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