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    Vladimir Putin has become obsessed with the occult, including mind reading and blood rituals, according to a prominent Russian journalist.

    With his declining physical and mental health, the ill dictator has clung to a psychic and has even sacrificed animals, including a dog and an eagle, to maintain his grip on power.

    He is also said to regularly bathe in “magic” deer antler blood to aid his diminishing virility, according to Oleg Kashin – with other reports that Putin was once "purged" of demons by a "Siberian Shaman".

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    The Russian leader is not alone though, with many of his inner circle believing in “a lot of magical things” and security forces had begun extensively researching the paranormal.

    Spurred on by his cronies and escalating paranoia, Vladimir’s bizarre beliefs may have been partially responsible for his illegal invasion of Ukraine.

    Oleg Kashin believes Vladimir’s interest in the paranormal was shaped by a fellow KGB agent, Georgy Rogozin, who claims to be able to read minds.

    Having extensively researched the occult, the Russian spy alleged that he had infiltrated the mind of former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright whilst in a trance, finding that she had a “hatred” of Russia.

    This earnt him the nicknames "Merlin in the Kremlin" and “Nostradamus in Uniform", even with no evidence to support his claims.

    He also supposedly predicted that Putin would succeed Boris Yeltsin and is rumoured to have communed with spirits.

    Despite his death in 2014, Georgy Rogozin and his teaching are said to have had a lasting impact on Putin.

    Speaking to The Sun Online, Kashin said: “It's impossible to avoid the mysticism that surrounds the decisions of Putin and his circle.”

    He added: "The deranged hallucinations of a long-dead Kremlin psychic have resulted in a real war and taken the world to the brink of nuclear war…”

    Oleg also told the publication that Putin’s delusions are not just related to his psychic’s teachings.

    He alleged that the Russian leader is terrified of "Siberian Shaman" Aleksandr Gabyshev, who performed rituals to purge Vladimir’s “demon” spirit in 2019.

    Though the reports were a source of amusement to many in the West, the incident shook Putin to his core.

    The "Siberian Shaman" was promptly arrested and now resides in an undisclosed psychiatric hospital.

    Journalist Oleg Kashin said: “Russian laws don’t prohibit shamans and the only reason for his arrest, I’m sure, is that Putin believed in these rituals and was worried about them,”

    Similarly, those who have reported on the Russian leader’s occult obsession have faced persecution.

    Investigative media outlet Proekt, which first reported on Vladimir's alleged antler ritual in 2017, has been banned in Russia.

    Likewise, Oleg Kashin was suffered a barbaric attack in late 2010 by unknown assailants who left the journalist with a broken jaw, fractured skull and an amputated finger.

    Prior to the incident, Oleg had been an ardent critic of the Kremlin and regularly reported on political protests in the capital.

    His attempted murder even became the subject of the documentary, Putin’s Kiss, but no charges were ever brought.

    The lead suspect in the case was thought to have ties to General Secretary Andrey Turchak, who would later be awarded the "For Merit to the Fatherland" by Putin.


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