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As we age, our lips lose pigment and may even become thinner due to reduced collagen production. Makeup artist Ariane Poole spoke on YouTube channel Sixty And Me about how women over 60 can use lipstick to their anti-ageing advantage and look younger instantly.

It is possible that you could pull off a variety of daring lipstick shades in your youth, as your lips were probably plumper and darker.

However, as the body’s production of collagen slows down, there will be a reduction of volume in areas of your face, such as the lips. They may also start to lose pigment too.

These factors mean that many women will not be able to pull off the same striking shades they used to rock in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

But, there are still easy ways to make the lips look younger, plumper and vibrant at any age.

Ariane firstly recommended using a good lip liner, either the colour of your chosen lipstick or for a more everyday look, your natural lips.

The secret to a plumper top lip is to use the lipliner on the outer edge of your lip line as opposed to the inner, creating a “dramatic” difference in thickness.

The mistake that “most women make” is that they use lip liner to outline the inner line instead.

According to Ariane, this will make the lips look “teensy weensy” and the mouth look smaller overall.

For women who happen to be top lip heavy with a smaller bottom lip, the same trick can be applied.

“If you do it on the outside you can suddenly look like you’ve had a little plumping.”

Another lip liner tip for a long-lasting finish is to apply lip liner to the entirety of the lips, not just the edges.

To accentuate the lips further, Ariane enlists a second makeup staple – highlighter. 

She recommended that women grab their highlighter and sweep it across the cupid’s bow.

Dotting it above the top of the lip before blending it in will “lift the lips and make them look fuller”.

This will defy the ageing process which sees the top lip start to droop and sag with age.

Women can also use a sweep of highlighter underneath their bottom lip for the same effect, making the lips pop.

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Mature female viewers at home were delighted with Ariane’s simple lip liner and highlighter tips.

@trueself520 stated: “I needed this! I noticed the space between my upper lip and nose has gotten larger. Pretty soon my lips are going to end up being on my chin!”

@Tuntee added: “I have been in despair about my disappeared top lip. Thank you so much for this helpful and real world solution. Can’t wait to try it. (Wish I found this video 5 years ago!)”

@omahaw1728 commented: “This is a good tip. I tried pulling my upper lip up to apply my lip liner and it worked pretty good since that is how my lips used to look.”

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