Real-life Hot Fuzz coppers rescue swan from causing carnage on busy road

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Police officers had a real-life Hot Fuzz moment after they were forced to rescue an exhausted swan causing traffic chaos along a busy road.

The juvenile bird was spotted waddling along Leicester Road in Loughborough, Leicestershire after it was chased away from a lake by angry rival adult males.

Comical images showed one officer grappling with the swan as it was carried away on Wednesday, January 19.

Charnwood Police tweeted: "Our very own Swan whisperer has saved this beautiful creature from serious harm today. The life of an NPO officer is always very varied."

A Leicestershire Police spokesperson added: "The swan was seen by officers close to the road while driving along Leicester Road in Loughborough, close to the junction with Beeches Road.

"They believed the swan to be injured, so stopped. It has since been handed over to the RSPCA."

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said the bird was handed over to one of their officers collected the juvenile swan who was believed to have been exhausted after being chased by other adult swans protecting their territory.

She added: "He was checked over and later released to a safe spot.

“We are grateful to everyone who was involved in helping the swan.

“The swan happily swam off when released, and started looking for new friends.”

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Luckily, the officers managed to catch it with less difficulty than Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's characters in the 2007 movie Hot Fuzz.

The comedy film followed two hapless police officers investigating deaths in the fictional town of Sandford.

In one scene, Pegg and Frost's characters apprehend a swan after chasing it around a park and drive it away in their patrol car.

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