Man talks perks of dating a cougar despite having a 22-year age gap

A couple with a 22-year age gap difference has proved their haters wrong and said they're "happier than ever" after staying together for a year.

Rachel, 47, from Texas met 24-year-old New Yorker, Alexander, online and they regularly posted their daily life on TikTok, which attracted trolls attacking them with mean comments.

Alexander mentioned in one post that dating older woman has made him realise that "it's not the years in your life that count but the life in your years".

He added: "I met a 47-year-old woman who became my soulmate. People didn't understand our age gap and said it wouldn't last.

"A year later and we are still going strong. Love will find you when and where you least expect it."

Rachel also talked about the "perks of dating a younger man" in one video.

She said: "It's really nice to run my hands through his hair, not the hair on his back, the hair on his head, like he's got some up there.

"It's really nice. He stays very active with me, he will do stuff with me.

"He's not winded like walking to the car or up the stairs and have to catch his breathe.

"He will read stuff with me when I say I can't see. He's got great eyes and it's nice to have young guys like that."

Some viewers called Rachel a "cougar" or a "sugar mummy" and accused Alexander for trying to "max out her life insurance".

Others showed support to the couple and said they learned to appreciate couples with bigger age gap.

"Mature women is where it's at!" one said and a second wrote: "Good for you! Keep it as long as you can, she'll never compare to another."

A third added: "Gorgeous couple.You make me smile every time I see a video of you guys!"

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