Ginger Zee sparks concern for her health after freezing weather report

As chief meteorologist for Good Morning America, Ginger Zee is used to taking whatever the weather throws at her, but her latest task gave her – and her viewers – serious chills.

The mom-of-two has been reporting on the freezing temperatures on the east coast of America and it’s been far from easy. 

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Taking to Instagram, Ginger shared a clip of herself preparing to report and she made a scary revelation in the caption. 

WATCH: Ginger Zee braves the elements to deliver the weather report 

She was bundled up to protect herself against the icy cold climate but wrote: “When it’s this cold, I have trouble speaking… like my jaw and lips don’t work right… ya know? 

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“Seriously be careful everyone when subzero wind chills are subzero you can get frostbite in as little as 30 min if skin is exposed.”

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Ginger warned viewers to wrap up warm as frostbite can strike 

Her fans were shocked and commented: “It was scary watching you as time went on, you could see how uncomfortable you were. Hope you’re some place warm now,” and another asked: “Why do they have you broadcast from the cold? Now I am worried about you! Warm up, hot chocolate.”

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Ginger responded to their concerns and explained: “I’ve been outside and out of the studio from before Christmas because of the COVID surge… unfortunately don’t think they’ll have me back for a while and just happens to be in the coldest time of the year.”

Ginger hasn’t been in the GMA studio due to the COVID surge

She let fans know that while she still had work to do in the bitter weather, she was ducking into the warmth of her car every now and then to get out of the cold.

Ginger also revealed she was wearing a heated jacket and said she didn’t know what she would do without it. 

“My vest is electric thankfully,” she added: “Need the electric gloves.”

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