A schoolboy bodybuilder dubbed 'mini Bruce Lee' has an intense training regime that includes incredible two-finger press ups.

Ryusei Imai, 12, is a massive fan of the Hong Kong-American martial artist, so much so that he has trained to have a body as ripped as the legendary martial artist.

The child athlete from Japan can now knock over his mum with a kung-fu kick.

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He's previously spoken about watching Lee's films, looking to emulate his hero.

He once said: “I want to be as cool as Bruce Lee. I want to move as fast as him.

“I've watched his movies since I was one-year-old and tried to be like him."

Ryusei keeps fans up to date with his training endeavours, which include floor exercises, muscle training, outdoor runs and stretches.

He has become a TV star in Japan, garnering fame from his shows of immense strength. In one clip he is seen knocking his mum off a chair.

In another he completes back-to-back two-finger press ups with ease.

Ryusei said that children at school noticed he's different. He explained: “In PE class, whenever I change my clothes, my friends say ‘your muscles are great’.”

And it's his parents he has to thank, as they're the ones who first showed him clips of Lee and noticed their son perfectly copying the scenes.

However, it didn't always come naturally to Ryusei. He said: "I made a lot of mistakes at the start, like I couldn't get the exact timing.

"Sometimes I was too fast, sometimes too slow, but I'm getting better and better. Now I can imitate his moves along with the movies."

Ryusei's father Ryuji is also a big fan of Lee and said that the pair bonded over their devotion to the star, who died aged just 32 in 1973.

“I love Bruce Lee and so does Ryusei,” his father told Barcroft TV.

“I want him to devote himself to what he loves with an honest heart. And never give up. As long as he remembers that and enjoys himself.”

It remains to be seen whether Ryusei will go on to be able to punch down a tree like his idol once did.

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