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Incest must be one of humanity's most disgusting acts.

It's certainly among the most ostracised sexual behaviours out there – and rightly so.

Yet some sick individuals are still being jailed for the twisted crime.

Just two years ago, one American dad was imprisoned for the vile act of sex with someone sharing his surname.

Nebraska man Travis Fieldgrove began a sexual relationship with his daughter three years after meeting her for the very first time.

If Fieldgrove had access to the poor girl before then, his sexual reign over her might have been even worse.

Yet, it's even more complicated than that.

This is the Fieldgrove family's absolutely grim story. You were warned.

When baby Samantha was born in 2000, dad Travis left to start a new life with a new partner.

When she turned 17, he came back.

Three years later, Travis couldn't help start a sexual relationship with 20-year-old Samantha Kershner.

Despite their different surnames, Samantha is Travis's biological daughter.

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When tried for incest, he tried to argue they weren't related. DNA tests showed he was lying.

The strangest part of the Fieldgroves' twisted tale is that Samantha, though still an adolescent, was as eager as her dad.

And there's no indication she wasn't up for it: in fact, Samantha, now 21, even bet her half-sister she would have sex with Travis before her, court documents showed.

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How that conversation went, the less known the better.

But what the Fieldgroves' ugly court dates last year did reveal was plenty enough.

Travis's ex and Samantha's friends came forward to tell the authorities what the pair were up to.

After investigators started looking into the pair's strange – and illegal – bond, they began bragging about it on Facebook.

Then, they got married.

That was straight after the investigation started, cops said, in a brazen move to defy law enforcement who sought to stop their love.


Cops said Samantha's sexual desire for her dad "stemmed from a jealous competition with her half-sister regarding who could have sex with their father".

And their fate was sealed when a court's DNA test found there was a 99.999% chance Travis was her dad.

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After pleading guilty to the charges – their Facebook bragging made anything else impossible – Travis was sentenced to the state's maximum of 2 years in jail.

Samantha got lucky with just a nine-month suspended sentence.

Fieldgrove was ordered to not contact Samantha upon his release.

But there's no guarantee that'll happen.

According to his sentence length, Travis should have been released in January of this year.

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It's not clear what he's up to now – or whether he's in touch with his ex-lover daughter.

Yet Travis wrote on Facebook in November last year: "Good morning ya'll I know one thing I cant wait to go home I got one month &16 days left cant wait but being in prison again made me realize something this time & that's lifes too short & I'm tired of wasting my life."

If there's a happy ending for Travis and Samantha, there's a happy ending for anyone.

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