Spotify Niche Mixes creates playlists to match ANY mood and activity

From ‘Sad Cooking’ to ‘Angry Running’: Spotify’s Niche Mixes tool creates personalised playlists to match almost ANY mood and activity

  • Spotify launched its Niche Mixes maker that can create thousands of playlists 
  • Five to ten are updated for you on a daily basis but others can be searched for 
  • The platform already hosts numerous unusual mixes like ‘Milk’ and ‘Dog Water’ 

Spotify has launched a new tool that creates personalised mixes to match almost any mood, activity or thing you can think of.

‘Angry Whistling’ and ‘Sad Cooking’ are among the tens of thousands of new playlists that can now be made thanks to the music platform’s new Niche Mixes maker. 

No matter the occasion, Spotify claims the tool can make playlists filled with both songs you already know and others that will match any kind of atmosphere. 

Five to 10 of these mixes are updated on a daily basis, but the music giant also encourages users to hunt for other playlists – whether it be ‘Angry Running’ or something more bizarre like ‘Goblincore’.

It said: ‘If you’re looking to get super specific, search for an activity, vibe, or aesthetic that describes the moment you’re in, and then add the word “mix” at the end. ‘Don’t be shy. Get creative. The more Mixes you search for, the more music you can discover.’

Spotify launched its Niche Mixes maker that can create playlists based on any thing or activity

‘Angry Whistling’ and ‘Sad Cooking’ are among thousands of new mixes that can now be made

The release of Niche Mixes comes after the platform’s other personalised playlist features including the Mood Mixes, Decades Mixes and Genre Mixes. 


Many of the new activity-based playlists are focused on day-to-day tasks such as cooking, running or homework.

But Spotify listeners have been shocked by some of the more obscure mixes previously recommended on the platform including ‘Dog Water’, ‘Milk’ and ‘Battle Clown’ music.

In November last year, one Twitter user said they were ‘mesmerised’ by the playlists that were generated for them.

‘Murder Ballad’, ‘Angry Tuna’ and ‘Sad Pirate’ mixes were also among those the platform made for them. 

They said: ‘Sorry I’m just utterly mesmerized by the assortment of playlists Spotify auto generated for me. what is eggpunk. battle clown music? Am I having a stroke?’

Another shared that they were recommended an ‘Insanecore Mix’ and said: ‘Calling me out for what.’

The release of Niche Mixes comes after the platform’s other personalised playlists including the Mood Mixes, Decades Mixes and Genre Mixes

Spotify listeners have previously been shocked by some of the more obscure mixes recommended on the platform including ‘Dog Water’, ‘Milk’ and ‘Battle Clown’ music

Mixes are currently available to both Premium service payers and those who use the free version of Spotify. 

To access these, users should first tap the ‘Search’ icon before hitting the ‘Made For You Tab’.

After scrolling down, ‘Your Niche Mixes’ can be found below a number of other mix suggestions including artist and mood suggestions.

Other mixes can also be found by typing ‘mix’ into the top search bar on the app.

‘Start the day with the Feel Good Morning Mix, get moving with some retro bops from the ’80s Running Mix. hit the road with the Driving Singalong Mix, and wind down the night and relax with the Night Time Mix,’ Spotify added.

‘No matter what you’re doing or what you enjoy, if you can think of it, there may very well be a Mix of it.’ 




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