An 8ft chewbacca-type bigfoot beast was spotted wading down a river near the ITV I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here set.

A Brit has shared his brother's chilling encounter with what he believes to be a giant, hairy wild humanoid while camping in Queensland, Australia.

Mysterious noises in the middle of the night woke a family up from their riverside camping trip near Kilcoy and were left stunned to see what was making the racket.

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The family man's brother shared their shock meeting on Facebook page BBR Cryptid & Paranormal investigations.

He said: "Armed with a flashlight they looked around the tents they were sleeping in.

"They saw nothing then walked up to a rise that had a sharp drop down to the river near to which they were camped. As they peeked over the shelf and flashed the the torch over the river a Chewbacca type figure, with its back to them was striding down the river with the water up to its waist .

"As he kept the light on it it turned, walked out of the river up the far bank and away up into trees and out of sight."

Fascinated by what they saw overnight, the family went down to the river to investigate what they might have seen but were puzzled even further by the water's depth.

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It was then that they began to consider the fact that they may have just witnessed a Yowie, an Aboriginal folklore entity believed to reside in the Outback.

The account of the sighting continued: "The next morning he asked my sister-in-law to enter the water near to where he watched it. "She agreed and unless the river had risen overnight, it went up to her chest level she is 5'11 so it makes the humanoid bipedal creature that the Aborigine people and most Aussies generally call a Yowie, 8 feet+."

The writer of the post insisted that he probed his brother until he admitted to joking about the experience, but the confession never came.

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"He said no he's adamant he saw something and has not wavered from this even though it happened some years ago," the post included.

Worryingly the Yowie has been linked to mysterious disappearances of people, according to the social media user.

He added: "After the event he looked at other reported sightings of the Yowie in this North Brisbane region and discovered on many occasions they were in exactly the same locations, where people had reportedly gone missing.

"Once or twice you may say coincidence but the correlation is dozens in this case so is suggestive of causality."

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