Thief dubbed ‘phantom pooper’ stole iPad before taking a massive dump in a sink

A bungling thief has been given the nickname of the Phantom Pooper after breaking into a community centre and leaving police a very specific DNA sample in a sink.

The strange bloke managed to get himself into the Tukwila Community Center in Washington, United States, on Monday night (January 23).

While there, he stole an Apple iPad, laptop and charging cable… and then took a dump in a nearby sink.

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And to top it off, he also, for some bizarre reason, attached the stolen iPad and laptop to his own Apple ID account – confirming his name and personal details in the process.

Tukwila Police took to Facebook to inform of the ridiculous situation.

They wrote: “Things got a little stinky on Monday night at the Tukwila Community Center after the Phantom Pooper broke into an administrative office and proceeded to steal an iPad and charging cable along with a laptop.

“For reasons unknown, the suspect decided to leave behind a stool sample in a sink rather than dispose of the evidence in the toilet.

“In addition to the DNA sample left at the scene, the suspect left some great digital forensic evidence for us when they merged the stolen laptop’s Apple account with their own personal account.

“Needless to say, we do not see a lengthy or prosperous criminal career in the field of hacking for the suspect.

“Said suspect is encouraged to (wash his hands with soap) then come down to our station to return the stolen items and discuss his options to save everyone some time.”

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The post was accompanied by a GIF of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory spraying disinfectant around a room while covering his nose and mouth with his long-sleeved top.

The comments on the post were full of amused readers.

One wrote: “It’s great when the criminals take care of all the police work to catch themselves! Definitely a nice break for you guys and gals."

And a second posted: “Here I thought poopin in the sink only happened at the elementary school.”

The bloke has not yet handed himself in despite police having evidence… although that's probably out of embarrassment.

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